About Us


“York County Children and families will live in a healthy and thriving community free of substance abuse and other risky behaviors.”


“York County All On Board will engage York County’s citizens to collaborate for youth substance abuse reduction, risk minimalizations, and healthier lifestyles through capacity building, environmental strategies, education, community awareness, and evaluation.”


  • Goal 1: Increase Community Collaboration
    • Objective 1: Ensure competency, diversity, and strengthen communication of all members.
  • Goal 2: Reduce substance abuse for youth 12 – 18 years old in York County, SC.


In 2004, an alcohol related car accident took the life of a York County high school student. Prior to that incident, there were several attempts to bring the issue of teen drinking into focus for our community.

After a debate ensued on how to address this problem between a school district representative and the media that reported on this young student’s death, the two joined together to discuss a solution. School Board Chairman Bob Norwood and editor of The Herald, Terry Plumb joined forces to start a community wide conversation on the issue of teen alcohol abuse. Representatives from all segments of our area were called together to form a group called York County Talks About Teen Drinking.

  • The goal:
    For our students to see and hear the adults in their county talking about this problem and to make sure they knew we all cared about their wellbeing.

From this group, thanks to key partners like Keystone and all four county school districts:

  1. Clover School District
  2. Fort Mill School District
  3. Rock Hill School District
  4. York School District

we grew into a true countywide organization. We changed our name to All On Board and in 2008, applied for and received a five-year, $625,000 Drug Free Communities Grant.

With those resources, we were able to hire a full time staff member and take on the problem of, not only teen alcohol, but other substance abuse issues.

90% of AOB members were very satisfed with training opportunities in annual survey.