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The 16th Circuit Out Of Their Hands -York & Union County Mission:

  • Through the statewide campaign, South Carolina’s Alcohol Enforcement Teams (AETs) and prevention professionals collaborate on activities and environmental strategies aimed at limiting access to alcohol by young people under the age of 21. The increased enforcement and public education efforts promote a safe end to the school year and a safe prom season. The campaign – called “Out of Their Hands” – emphasizes that it is against the law for anyone under 21 to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverage.


Local Plans:


·         Sending reminders to local PACT leaders (Preventing Alcohol Collisions and Teen Drinking) about getting new staff trained in PREP, and encourage the members to continue leading the way in York County with their prevention policies on checking IDs and over-service.

·         Conducting a “Prom Pledge” Assembly at all 7 high schools during the week of prom. The schools partnered with Keystone Substance Abuse Services, AAA, local substance abuse prevention coalition-All On Board, OTS Media, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Law Enforcement, Palmetto Pregnancy Center, York and Chester County Coroner’s Office, and 2 personal stories. During the assembly, student’s will join a texting campaign to make their pledge to remain safe and sober.  The morning of each school’s prom, every student will receive a text message reminding them of the pledge.

  • ·        An Out Of Their Hand post-card and “Parents Who Host the Most Lose the Most” flyer will be sent to all parents within the 4 school districts via mail as well as online in the school’s parent communication services called, “Peach Jar.”
  • ·         Partnering with OTS Media Group: WRHI/Interstate 170/and The Bridge to share underage drinking facts and consequences over the local radio stations throughout the month of April and May.
  • ·         Partnering with York County Coroner’s Office, York County Mothers Against Drunk Driving, City of Rock Hill Community Services Officer, Executive Director from the local substance abuse prevention coalition-All On Board, and Keystone Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists to deliver Out Of Their Hands signs/stickers/magnets in person to retailers and hotels surrounding each high school’s prom location.  This promotes a healthy conversation on how to deny alcohol sales to minors and report risky behaviors.


·         AET will partner with SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) to conduct alcohol compliance checks on retail establishments with an alcohol license(s).

·         During prom night(s), AET will actively be working around the event to prevent underage drinking and disperse parties.


·         The 16th Circuit Out Of Their Hands Committee partnered with Mother Against Drunk Driving and the York County Alcohol Enforcement Team to submit a press release discussing the 2018 Walk Like MADD event which will implement checkpoints across the state of SC and locally in York County on April 14th, and discuss local AET and OOTH plans to prevent underage drinking and DUIs. Additionally the press release discusses the consequences/fines/fees/jail sentence of parents who host’s parties and what can happen to teenagers who get caught drinking. Teens are encouraged to participate in alcohol-free activities post-prom.  

·         Every day during the month of April, there will be an educational post on social media sites:

·         16th Circuit Alcohol Enforcement Team: https://www.facebook.com/16aet/

·         York County Retailers Unite: https://www.facebook.com/YCRetailersUnite/

·         All On Board, substance abuse prevention coalition: http://allonboard.org/


OOTH Sub-Committee: PACT (Preventing Alcohol Collisions and Teen Drinking):

  • Local alcohol retail outlets have OOTH signs posted to display their commitment to prevent underage drinking at their establishment, as well as get staff proactively trained through PREP (Palmetto Retailers Education Program).  In addition, it is encouraged to join the local PACT, which inspires ourselves, staff, and retail neighbors to take responsibility in Preventing Alcohol Collisions and Teen Drinking (PACT).  The PACT is for managers/owners of local establishments to create a committee and be the community “voice” in preventing alcohol sales to minors.
  • ​#YCRetailersUnite
  • At the end of each year, Rock Hill Police Department, York County Sheriff’s Office, York County Coroner’s Office, Keystone Substance Abuse Services, All On Board, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving host a celebratory event for local retailers who display continuous commitment to preventing underage drinking.


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