Prescription Monitoring


Prescription Monitoring Drug Control Do’s & Dont’s Board Orders

Prescription monitoring started in the fall of 2015. SCRIPTS Program (South Carolina Reporting & Identification Prescription Tracking System)is intended to improve the state’s ability to identify and stop diversion of prescription drugs in an efficient and cost effective manner that will not impede the appropriate medical utilization of licit controlled substances where there is a valid prescriber-patient or pharmacist-patient relationship.

To encourage dentist and physicians to enroll in the SCRIPTS . Those enrolled pledge to check computerized prescription records on all patients to ensure proper prescribing of any schedule II drug.  The SC Legislature has passed legislation mandating participating in the program.  This committee monitors all related prescribing legislation and encourages hospitals and medical clinics to follow up on all SCRIPTS requirements.

The committee meets at the Keystone Prevention Center as needed.

For additional information call 803-896-0688 or email

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